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November 28, 2005


James Sedgwick

This is an enlightened step and you should be commended.

Sort of silly requiring people to register and then not verifying their registration information, sure hope you weren't spending a lot of money analyzing the registration data

Chris Williams

I think removing registration is a good idea. I agree with removing any restrictions to the site.


There are thousands of other newspaper sites out there that should take a hint from the Toronto Star and remove registration requirements as well.

Thank you for making visiting the Toronto Star website an easier and more enjoyable experience!

A subscriber (Online, and print version).

brian michenko

Bravo! I subscribe 7days and read online. Am I a Star fanatic? No. Sometimes its just convienent to access on the web and search archives too.
Now, if publisher Goldbloom could just bring the Editor of the Hamilton Spectator into the 20th century....

Richard Mann

I'm glad to hear you've done this.

I've been reading for several years now and visit at least once a day.

Of course you need some way to validate how many readers you've got, but I'm sure you can do that with cookies and/or network traces.


iris shikatani

Your ''STAR'' is the BEST newspaper,as the other ones require the nuisance registration & also one is at times told to subscribe in order to continue the storyline ,which defeats the purpose of being on the web anyway!!So as you can guess,consequently,I,& a lot of others I'm sure,do not even bother to look at!
We are living in B.C. at the moment,But hope to return to Toronto next year,So that is another reason to enjoy your news on line Bravo to you ,we shall remain faithfull readers!

Joe Clark

Any future redesign of the site must go much farther in terms of standards compliance and accessibility. Among other things, designing for a known-broken browser like IE6 *first* is a method that will lead to more work to fix mistakes than designing to spec first and tweaking for IE6 later.

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