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December 19, 2005


John Warren

Are you going to enable commenting on each article?

Article feedback comments are are a great reflection of public pulse.

Hope to see it real soon - the G&M is my sole major national daily outlet of Canadian expression.


An excellent suggestion that we will consider.


Hello there,
On the last Saturday comics there was no WONDERWORD is this just temporary? I hope it is because my husbund and I buy the paper every day like we've been doing for "ever". We would really miss it! Please bring it back! Thanks,


I looked and looked and looked, and I could not find any Technology news on the site! The one thing that keeps me from making my main news site is the lack of technology news. If you can add that, I'm set. (That, and comments).


Can you add more crosswords similar to the Sat. & Sun. ones?

L. Hébert

I would like to see the Education section moved from the GTA section to the Ontario section. Education is a provincial issue, not a metro Toronto issue.


Much of what "makes the news" can really leave you with allot to say/feel and think.

I would love to see an area where you are able to post or "reply" to some articles.

Chris Carter

Re: Wonderword
A technical glitch led to the Wonderword not appearing in the Saturday Star's Comics section on January 7 - and as you probably know, the puzzle was back on January 14.
By the way - six of our daily colour comics now appear online at Look for the link under Features in our left-hand navigation.

Chris Carter

Raffi - to your question on Technology'll find breaking business news on our Business page throughout the day, including news about technology companies, and our @Biz technology columns and features are available on our @Biz page -- the link is in the left-hand nav on our Business page. We are currently looking at adding more technology coverage to that page, so please stay tuned. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

John Caron

I hate the Globe and Mail's new website but I am constantly looking there because I am addicted to the 'comments' at the end of each story. Please tell me that you are going to do something similar in the very near future.

Ian - Toronto

Since the most recent changes to I visit your site less and less. Much preferred the way it was before the change.

Get rid of the 'fixed width'. Too crammed. Very little white space.

All it is now is a list of headlines with no clue as to what the article is about. Also missing is the use of pictures... hardly any now. You used to use Times as your font... I prefer it for the headlines and story. Easier to read.

Page is now too cluttered, with redundant links at the bottom. PLEASE reconsider and restore your website to its former glory. It wasn't broke so it didn't need any fixing!



I'd propose you to create a FORUM for users (and no moderators to censor or rather chose posts). This would be quite important place to exchange freely views about Toronto and issues regarding things people are interested in.

it is strange you have no such forums in Canada - please see how big and alive is forum at (the main newspaper in Poland) which also generates traffic to Gazeta (and advertising business)


As a sports fan I would love to be able to access audio clips from athletes following games. Is there way for say Dough Smith to upload some short audio clips from Chris Bosh after games to

Chris Carter, Senior Editor,


We did in fact have post-game audio clips for all Maple Leafs home games last year, and we added post-game clips for Raptors home games in the second half of the season. Generally we had 2 or 3 clips a night (and why do I seem to remember that most of them were of Mike James?). We're still finalizing our plans for this year but hope to offer audio clips again. Stay tuned to

Stevan Lauriault

Why can't we, the readers, be the ones to ask why? Why does it have to be you guys... I mean asking why is your job anyways. You can post the 'why's (from the readers) on the net, and the readers can in turn vote for their favorite why question to be brought up in a following paper.

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