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March 21, 2006


Joe Clark

Since the kool kids are switching to Magnolia, you’re just the tiniest bit late to the mark. But adding another button won’t kill you.


While I think might gain ground, is enormously popular and it makes sense to go with the latter. One difference between the two is that I don't like the temporary addresses assigns to links, probably for statistical purposes. If I hover over a link, I expect to see where the address is taking me -- especially if it's an unexpected media link of the WMV, MOV or PDF variety.

I'd be interested to see what the statistics are for RSS feeds. I spend plenty of time on the Web and in fact don't even use a reader. I enjoy the act of going to my favorite Web sites, taking in the design, checking out images; it's the near equivalent replacement of opening the morning newspaper.

Perhaps it's just the method of delivery that's preferred -- pulling the news to you or allowing it to push on to you. Maybe those who like newspapers like Web sites and maybe those who like radio/TV like RSS feeds? Although I suspect the technological barrier of more software prevents those who like the news rolled over them from ever getting into it -- after all, is RSS ultimately convenient when one must learn another program?


RSS feeds are pretty much used by fringe geeks. The average (read majority) surfer does not care much about RSS, Web 2.0, Technorati or They want their early morning coffee, news, horoscopes, weather and sports scores.

All the rest is just noise. Does anyone remember Webvan? All marketing VC hype. The difference now is that there is an online ad market willing to support the new apps which are also being held accountable to the bottom line (and being snapped up by MSN, Yahoo! and others)

At what point does the media market fragment so much that big advertisers start to lose focus or diminish their spend? Newspapers keep forgeting that their brand has value and advertisers have strong and long relationships with those brands.

Anyway it is important for sites to act like they are on the ball and paying attention to some of the new cooio apps out there and for that the Star is to be commended.

Dennis Cambly

I like the RSS feeds. They are simple to view and take me directly to the favourites such as the Star. The new RSS readers are extremely easy to use. Being in the over 50 crowd I find it fast and not geeky at all. Running our own website with RSS feeds has moved our visitors with a big jump over the past year. I don't know if a shameless plug is okay go get the FREE RSS Reader Albion as it is so easy to use and that comes from a guy over 50! And it takes you directly to the page you want to read online.

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